Miz Melancholy wants you to hear Sherree Chamberlain

February 28, 2014 at 11:23 AMVioletDeVille

CopyrightThe Mistress of Melodrama, Miz Melancholy revels in making people slightly uncomfortable…in a profoundly titillating way. This founding member of the Seattle based burlesque and performance art troupe, the Libertinis, has demonstrated an affinity for the gothic and the macabre through her precision crafted performances. Though some have made the terrible mistake of writing her off as just another pretty face, we urge them to reconsider. Not only is this ecdysiastic wunderkind a gifted performer, she also flexes her intellectual muscles in the area of earth and space sciences with same passion, drive, and intelligence she brings to the stage every time.

CopyrightNext Saturday when she takes the stage at IndieStrip, she’s going to be exploring something a little darker and something deeply personal. The sound track to this comes from the music of Sherree Chamberlain, an Oklahoma City based singer-songwriter and sometimes educator. Between Ms. Chamberlain’s music and Miz Melancholy’s performance style we are certain you will be drawn in and changed by them at IndieStrip on March 8th.


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Tickets are on sale now at Brown Paper Tickets.

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